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6 warning signs you might be a potential heart exploited college disease without knowledge

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Former Miss North Dakota USA, Samantha Edwards, had suddenly died of heart disease are rare. 

This is extremely sad and scary because if diagnosed early, Miss Edwards could have been rescued. 

From the case of Miss Samantha Edwards, many people pose the question: "How do I know if I have heart disease have no symptoms?". 

According to cardiologist Laxmi Mehta, chairman of cardiovascular Women (the Women's Cardiovascular Health) at the Medical Center of the University of Ohio State, does not always have symptoms of heart disease early warning. No symptoms of heart disease, although rare in young people, but once you get it working and extremely unexpected and dangerous. However, fortunately this disease can be cured if detected early.

Former Miss North Dakota USA, Samantha Edwards, has died suddenly at age 37 though new home and early summer last year was an information that leads so many people shocked. Before that, she was perfectly healthy. 

Her mother, Laurie …

Eat bluff these "death" on red lights then don't ask exploited babysitters why 25 that health lost 52

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Say no to hot, spicy, sour dishes

The strong taste stimulus always makes people feel more palatable. However, in the days of "red lights" visit, my sister should limit use sour dishes, spicy, hot. The reason is, the red lights, the body has many hormonal changes inside, strong stimulation from the sour, spicy, hot food will easily cause stomach disorders, leading to abdominal pain, menorrhagia. On the other hand, pickles also causes increased amount of blood thinning scissors as collateral is menorrhagia, red light phase will be finished later.

If the sour foods cause the blood thinning causes menorrhagia, then eaten cold in October red light will cause difficulties in blood circulation, thereby causing severe abdominal pain cramps.

On the other hand, the water exchange of the body these days quite poorly, if you eat the food too salty, the body will automatically activate hold water, since that is not secreted away the excess waste, caused strongly stain human skin , pimples.


Debunking the most famous big tits magician who also viewed the world 2

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Who sat hovering 

The priest was sitting on a pedestal and pretend concealed soar but no magic at all. 

This street magician sometimes makes people surprised because they did not believe the magician can use any props on the road. However, the secret of this game is very simple, it is a special steel structure with a sole sitting hidden inside the stick and the baggy coat layer. Empire will sit lifted gradually, leaving the viewer feeling performers slowly soar. 

4. Hands through glass 

Debunking the most famous magician who also viewed the world 
Secret sleight author lies in two glass plates can be hand inserted between. 

To do this, the magician needs two pieces of glass or mirrors are cleverly cut so that his hand could penetrate. Two glass panels will be covered by a shield plate. 

As the show begins, the magician will come true mirror behind, and move two glass "fake" out front. Naturally, the magician can be easily reached through two glass plates. Finally, the helper or the…

Natural reaction when the "relationship" makes uncensored hentai you shy

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Hi doctor, I married more than 3 months, "husband and wife thing" going well. However, I have something very afraid, but do not dare to share with my husband. It was during the couple "fun", I feel the urge to urinate. I do not know this is normal or infected by certain children. Doctors advise eager to help you. I would like to thank you! (The States) 


You Phuong Hoa dear! 

First of all, to tell you that this is a question of many women, not alone you. This means that many girls also fall into the same situation as you and most do not understand the reasons why this happened, dangerous or not ... 

want to urinate while relational 
phenomenon when the urge to urinate " conjugal relationship "is a perfectly normal reaction of the body. Illustration

For your peace of mind, we would like to answer that if you are healthy, the urge to urinate when the phenomenon of "conjugal relationship" is a perfectly normal reaction of the body. The muscles of…

List animals have rough sex "small boy" the most exotic

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Several species are very large, some tiny back. Some organisms can use "small boy" of them in a way that we never thought of. Some male even without the penis. The penis is a vitally important though the main function is the excretion and satisfied libido. During puberty to after this, "little boy" is the strongest faction with close friends. Maybe we have to research more about humanity's penis but knows very little about the penis of the other animals. The world has many different animals with human imagination, should also not do strange when "you" of them, too. Are you curious? Let's take a glance at "small boy" of some species. The Argentine Lake duck

You can believe or not but most of the birds are no genitalia. When the male bird and bird the "mating", males take sperm to females by touching the genital pore in a short time. However, is not the most species of birds are the same, the Argentine Lake duck is the exception. The…

4 identifications fucking pussy revealed inflammation cervical glands

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Highway cervical gland inflammation is one of the gynecological diseases usually occur in women of childbearing age. 
For enclosed areas stay healthy, you absolutely do not do 9 this 
Finding patients enclosed areas that you 'be afraid to ask' 
What you have to remember to 'private parts' are always sweet, healthy 
inflammation cervicitis cervix supply is a common disease in women, especially those who are married. 

Cervical glands are located beneath the mucous glands of the uterus, is responsible for lubricating secretions. 

Highway route as part of cervical epithelium inside the inverted uterus neck out, sometimes the thin epithelium development incomplete and abnormal cervix. Disease is more common in women experience childbirth, abortion or miscarriage person ...

Highway route itself is a benign lesion, but it can also be the source for some gynecological diseases cause discomfort and sisters as many discharge, vaginal itching, burning pain during sex ... 

If not treated …

The beautiful future Jav Rape of Thailand new Miss Universe

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Maria Ehren Poonlertlarp blooded Thai - Sweden with the gentle beauty, while sharp, lovely. 

Miss Thailand Universe this year turned 25 years old. Whose mother is Thai and father is Swedish, Maria Poonlertlarp West hybrid Ehren beauty and height 1, 84 m highlights. She could speak four languages Thai, English, Chinese and Vietnam. 

During the Miss Universe Thailand 2017, Maria Poonlertlarp Ehren always been considered one of the candidates 'heavyweights' for the throne Miss. 

Is a professional model, she shines when charismatic catwalk and beautiful, always getting the applause from the audience support whenever appears. Candidates staging of this year's competition is not appreciated for the beauty, so, experts and spectators placed much hope in her.